Screeps server:

Name Address Online Players Version Last check/online Availability
[fordo] Screeps publicscreeps.fordo.sk21025 03.4.511:33:11 19.11.201998.2533%




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17.9.2019 - Runner in Screeps server stopped working after update to v3.4.5 . I uninstalled NodeJS, installed NodeJS v10 and it started working. Server was down for 2 days.

15.9.2019 - I added 2 more CPU cores and 1GB of RAM. (6cores@3GHz, 3.5GB RAM in total now)

26.8.2019 - after update to Screeps server v3.4.4, runners stopped working, (game was ticking, but code not), we lost 10+ players

18.1.2019 - Server restarted, I setup automatic updates once per week with restart. Updates are first tested on Testing instance of Screeps server to stay as much stable as possible.

1.1.2019 - Server restarted, I increased amount of CPU cores from 2 to 4, and decreased memory from 3GB to 2.5GB.

9.12.2018 - Server installed, all configuration and setting looks good, no scheduled restarts.

22.12.2018 - Server was restarted. Now it is running on Screeps 3.2.0 . Looks very smooth!